sabato 26 gennaio 2013

My Collection of Chanel Nail Polishes

OK. I know this means I may be a bit...vapid.

And it's also a sure sign I probably haven't got anything worthy to occupy my time with, but today I decided to give in to a whim and line up and colour-coordinate my complete collection of Chanel nail polishes...and it turned out I own a respectable 21!!

Which also, incidentally, means that I have spent upwards of...erm...€200 on my collection over the years...
But let's not dwell and that and just have a closer look at these little beauties...

Left to right:

#559 Frenzy
#525 Quartz
#505 Particulière
#509 Paradoxal
#210 Lilac Sky
#569 Emprise
#543 Frisson
#445 Rose Gloss
#535 May
#165 Organdy
#339 Cassis
#000 Provocation
#573 Accessoire 
#533 April
#487 Rouge Fatal
#637 Malice
#018 Rouge Noir
#607 Delight
#531 Péridot
#529 Graphite
#527 Nouvelle Vague

I'm actually rather proud of them all, as some of them have become quite rare over the years, so much so that I'm considering selling a few on make room for more, of course! My bathroom cabinet is filling up quickly! 

I've set my sights in particular on the gorgeous Chanel Sky Line, which was released as a limited edition for summer 2012. I missed it when it first came out (somehow I thought it might not suit me, as I rarely wear blue on my nails), but it's now firmly on my must-buy list.

In fact, I cannot get my head round why I didn't just buy it in the first place!
It reminds me of Frenzy, just more blue, of course, more pearly, more...really!

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