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Chanel Spring 2013 Printemps Precieux Make-Up Collection

Photo from the Chanel website

The new make-up collection for spring 2013 by Chanel is "inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s codes of simplicity and sophistication".

Oh, OK, I'll admit to a particular weakness for Chanel make-up.
No. Actually, I'll re-phrase that: I'll admit to a particular weakness for Chanel nail polishes!!

They're, in fact, my absolute, all-time favourite item of make-up. You just cannot beat the feel good, pick-me-up factor of going a shop and coming out with a beautiful tiny black and white Chanel carrier bag (bearing in mind that monochrome is going to be a HUGE trend for s/s, as well!), filled with exquisite make-up goodies, beautifully packaged in the label's signature black and gold boxes.

And no, I'm not being paid by Chanel to write this, unfortunately...

But having said that, it must also be considered that a bottle of Chanel nail polish will set you back, here in Italy where I live, €22, which is about £18.50 at the current exchange rates.
Way less expensive than, say, a designer lipstick and just about an affordable treat on my student-cum-trainee lawyer budget!

So, let's start on the nail polishes without further ado!
There are three in the collection:

Photo from the Chanel website

#569 Emprise, which is a creamy salmon pink with a hint of a pearly glow;

#571 Fracas, which is a lovely rich watermelon shade, perfect for the warmer months, and finally

#573 Accessoire, a dark plum/brick red combination, which is actually very close to Chanel Provocation, except that the latter veers decidedly towards plum undertones, whereas the former has a richer red shade.

Photo from the Chanel website

Both Emprise and Fracas are limited editions.
I got first Emprise, whom I fell instantly in love, love, love with!
Then I bought Accessoire as well, and I must say I'm perfectly please with both.
I was tempted by Fracas, as well, but it seemed somewhat too "spring-summer" for now, just a bit too garish for this bleak midwinter we're going through.

But, who knows? Next week I might just go and buy myself a bottle.
It's a limited edition, after all...I seems churlish to run the risk of having to do without :)

Stay tuned for more nail polish posts coming up! xx

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