venerdì 20 luglio 2012

Diamonds are a girl's best friends. Or are they?

So, yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge appearead in public (for a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London, to view the Road to 2012: Aiming High photo exhibition) wearing a lovely bright blue crepe dress by Stella McCartney, priced a very reasonable £515.00 and (*holds breath*) a necklace of pink, yellow and white gold set with diamonds, by none other than Cartier, apparently retailing at a (frankly eye-watering) £49,000.

from The Daily Mail

Of course, one cannot help but gaze admiringly at HM The Queen's astonishing collection of bling.

The British Monarchy via Flickr

Trouble is, I find that, for me at least, the same kind of awe-struck admiration does not apply to shop-bought, shamelessly geometrical-designed blig, no matter how posh the shop it comes from or how hefty the price tag.
And so, well, that counts as a fashion faux-pas, in my opinion, especially in the current global economic situation.