sabato 30 marzo 2013

Dior #553 Princess Nail Polish

Ieri ero bloccata in una coda eterna alla Procura della Repubblica, così ho deciso di fare un salto veloce in profumeria per passare un po' il tempo.

La profumeria più comoda è Rossi Profumi di via Clavature, dove comunque avevo già in programma una visita perché in questi giorni e fino al 3 aprile hanno in promozione il mascara Hypnose Drama di Lancome, che è quello che uso solitamente, a 24€ invece che 34,50€.

Così sono entrata e ho trovato una bella sorpresa, perché il giorno prima era arrivata la nuova collezione di Dior, Sparkling Shine.

Come ormai saprete, il mio punto debole sono gli smalti, e questa collezione vede l'uscita di ben quattro nuove sfumature e un top coat trasparente effetto gel.

Da destra a sinistra, i colori sono:

  • #343 Spring Ball;
  • #553 Princess;
  • #643 Diablotine;
  • #433 Délice.
La mia scelta è caduta sul più tenue dei quattro, Princess, che mi ha colpito anche per il nome.
D'altra parte, chi non vorrebbe essere una principessa, anche solo grazie a una passata di smalto scintillante? ;)

Va detto che i glitter argentati sembrano meno visibili nel prodotto visto dal vivo, probabilmente le fotografie sono stata leggermente ritoccate per far risaltare lo scintillio al massimo.
Confesso che non sono particolarmente attratto dagli smalti glitter, non fosse altro perché poi sono un vero incubo da rimuovere, ma in attesa dell'uscita dell'agognato Taboo di Chanel, ho deciso di coccolarmi con questo nuovo smalto, anche se di rosa nella mia collezione ce ne sono già parecchi, e sarà difficile battere la consistenza cremosa di May della collezione Chanel della scorsa primavera.
Ma staremo a vedere al momento dell'applicazione!

giovedì 14 marzo 2013

One-Off Opportunity To Get Your Hands on a Custom-Made Replica of Kate Middleton's Earrings

Collage by Tatiana's Delights
The ever-fabulous Tatiana at Tatiana's Delights on Facebook has come up with a brilliant shopping opportunity (as if we need an excuse...) for us ladies who like the Duchess of Cambridge's style.
Teaming up with her tailor, based in Shanghai, she managed to find a Chinese factory which is willing to manufacture an exact replica of the green amethyst and diamond earrings, which were originally custom-made for the Duchess by upmarket jeweller Kiki McDonough.
Kiki's boutique is just off Sloane Sq in London, and a very similar pair of earrings to those worn by the Duchess, the "Kiki Classic" citrine and diamond earrings, currently retail at £2,600, making them, alas, out of most people's price range.

"Kiki Classic" citrine and diamond earrings, from the Kiki website

But that's exactly where Tatiana's idea came to the rescue, offering us the opportunity to place an order for an exact, custom-made replica of these earrings for a total cost of $49 including shipping. That's about €37 or £33, so a sum well within even my tiny budget as a trainee lawyer! :)
I'm really excited about this opportunity, as a repliKate of these particular earrings has seemed rather elusive so far. In fact, we've seen copies of pretty much every piece of jewellery sported by the Duchess since her wedding sprouting up after her every outing, bar of this one, gorgeous pair.
The deadline for placing the order is next Sunday, 17th March, and we really need to bring together at least 50 people who are interested, because it wouldn't be profitable for the company to make less.
So, log on to your Facebook page, read carefully all the instructions on Tatiana's note (for which you can also see below, after the photos!) and GO ORDER YOUR PAIR NOW!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Kate fans everywhere, don't let it pass you by!!

Aren't these just totally gorgeous??


Abstract from Tatiana's Delights note on Facebook:


Information about Kate's green amethyst earrings replikates

Hello everyone, 
In this note you can find more information regarding how to get factory made replikate earrings of Kate's KikiMcDonough green amethyst earrings
1) The earrings will be made by a factory in China. My tailor over there will communicate with the factory to arrange the order. 
2) The order will consist of 50 pairs. Since I am not a business I am not able to pay for this entire order in advance all by myself, which means 50 people will need to order a pair of earrings in advance to me. 
3) The deadline for ordering will be Sunday 17 March 2013
4) A pair of earrings will cost US$ 49 INCLUDING shipping (to everywhere in the world). 
For those who also want to order for a friend etc: the price for two pairs of earrings will be US$ 90 including shipping, and for three pairs will be $132 including shipping. 
5) The earrings will be made of gold colored metal, with one large light green oval crystal and lots of small clear crystals. (So the earrings will not be gold plated or gold, and they will not contain real green amethyst and/or real diamond, just to be clear :-)) The earrings will be made for pierced ears. No exeptions to the above can be made by the factory I am afraid. The earrings will consist of a gold hoop filled with clear crystals and a detachable pendant with the green crystal in a gold setting and also with clear crystals around it. So you can also change the earrings once in a while and wear the hoops with freshwater pearl pendants (like Kate does sometimes). 
6) When after the deadline the goal of 50 people is reached I will place the order with the factory and then it will take between 2 and 4 weeks before all the earrings are done and will be shipped (depending on the waiting list at the factory). After that shipping will take 15-20 days via normal airmail (which is included in the price). So when you order now, you will receive the earrings somewhere between 14 April 2013 and 12 May 2013 (but that's a worst case scenario. Of course I will keep everyone who ordered regularly updated!!!
7) If, after reading this, you are interested in ordering one or more pairs of Kate's green amethyst earrings replikates, please send me a personal message containing the following information.
- Your address
- Your phone number
- How many pairs you would like to order.
After I have received all of this info I will let you know my paypal account and you can transfer the money to me. I will of course send you a confirmation message when I receive the money. 
After I have received the money I will add you to a closed facebook group where everybody who ordered the replikate earrings will be updated.
8) Payment: when you transfer the money to my paypal account PLEASE make sure that the paypal fee will be paid by yourself and will not be abstracted from the $49. If I am right, you can do this by following these steps:
- Go to 'TRANSFER MONEY' or 'MAKE PAYMENT' (I am not sure what it says in the English version of Paypal, mine is in Dutch :-P)
- Choose 'PAYMENT DUE'
- Fill in the form and make sure you tick the box 'I PAY THE COSTS'.
And please don't forget to also add your facebook name and your address to the descriptions field below!!!
I know it's a lot to ask, but otherwise it will be impossible to keep track of all the payments :-P
Well, I think that is really all the info I think :) 
Best regards!

sabato 2 marzo 2013

Downton Abbey Season 4 Update

Just had to share this totally sweet picture of Lady Mary holding baby George (yes, that's his name, apparently!).

Oh, I love the baby's tiny sailor romper suit!
But of course Lady Mary is in mourning *sniff*.
I'm hoping for a suitably smouldering new love interest for her.

So excited about Series 4 airing this autumn!

Photo courtesy of
Exciting news, Chanel nail polish lovers out there!!
The first photographs and previews from the upcoming Spring and Summer 2013 make-up collections have started to surface and...oh my, aren't they covetable?

First to land on a beauty counter near you (there's talk of April, which is bad, as I'm already salivating over the whole set of polishes!), is the Avant Premiere de Chanel Collection.

Not a great deal is known about it yet, we just have a couple of promotional images featuring the new shades of Rouge Coco Shine and Rouge Coco Lipstick which will be released and, most importantly for what concerns this blog, four brand-new Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes!
The new nail polish shades, background to foreground, are
  • #599 Provocation, a deep, rich plum, which some fashionistas out there might recall was first released as part of the limited edition Le Twin Set de Chanel Collection, created exclusively fro Fashion's Night Out 2012;
  • #581 Cinema, a classic pillar-box red, reminiscent of old-school Hollywood glamour;
  • #579 Paparazzi, a shimmery rosewood pink colour;
  • #575 Starlet, which will be the only limited edition in the collection, a shimmery peachy pink (which reminds me a bit of Frisson, we will see...).

Then we have what I think is the real beauty, so far, #583 Taboo, part of the Revelation de Chanel Collection (pre-fall collection), release date very tentatively mid-March.
Taboo is a to-die-for dark purple shade infused with burgundy shimmer. I can't wait to lay my hands on this one!
Then we have the first previews of the Summer 2013 collection to wet our appetites for more gorgeuos nail polish shades to come!
Nothing much is known about the summer collection as yet, more details will be available as release date approaches. For now, I must say that Azuré is probably my favourite of the three, but I'll suspend judgement until we have swatches/more pics.
So, what do you think about the latest Chanel polish news?
Are you excited about one shade in particular?