sabato 13 luglio 2013

Royal Baby Fever

It is now Day 13 of the Official Royal Baby Watch, and the day most widely rumored to be Baby Cambridge's due date, so what better day than today to have a look at some of my favourites Royal Baby souvenirs already in the making?

Besides the usual (china mugs and plates) and the less usual (nail polish), about which more can be found here, here is an array of other Royal Baby-branded products:

Royal Baby Limited Edition Jan Constantine Cushion, £65.00, available for pre-order here.

Royal Baby Dish Tea Towel (which will be produced in either the pink or blue colourway - shown here - once the baby's sex is know), £8.80, available for pre-order from Etsy shop mountainlodge.

"Keep Calm the Royal Baby is on the Way" Necklace, £4.08, available from Etsy shop jennspendants.

Royal Baby-themed Onesies, £11.99, from Etsy shop Babytronic (other wording available). 

Not technically Royal Baby-themed, but too funny to pass by nonetheless, "Prince of Wails" Babygro, £10.18, from Etsy shop FunnyBabyOnesie.

Personalised Royal Baby Biscuit Tin, £43.50, available from Biscuiteers.

Handmade Mini Knitted Crown, £45.00, from Etsy shop TheMiniatureKnitShop.

Yummy Ma'am Mug, £8.50, from McLaggan Smith Mugs Ltd.

The Royal Baby Range from Milly Green, complete with gift bags and wrapping paper, available from the Milly Green website.

London's Heathrow Airport will also be celebrating the Royal Baby birth by handing out specially commissioned purple t-shirts emblazoned with a tiny crown and the words: "Celebrating a very special arrival" to the first 1,000 passengers arriving in each of the airport's five terminals on the actual day of the birth! Oh gosh, I'd love one of those :)

But what I'm most eagerly waiting for is the official Royal Collection baby range, which will be release once the baby is born. It's the first such range of merchandise to be officialy released, as at the time of past royal baby births the Royal Collection hadn't been set up yet.

So, what will they have in store to celebrate this momentous historical occasion?
Stay tuned, we'll know very soon!

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