mercoledì 14 dicembre 2016

Kate-Inspired Christmas Gift Guide

With the festive season fast approching, I have put together a list of Christmas gift ideas to help you shop for the royal watcher in your life. Put the finishing touches to your list to Santa while there's still plenty of time for shipping! I'll admit some of these ideas made my own Christmas wishlist 😀

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Kate's beloved Breton tops get a festive makeover courtesy of this cute Boden Baubles Print Christmas Breton Top, £24.15;
York Scarves Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf, as worn by Kate, £10.95;
Missed out on the "Encore" dress? Fear not, as you can still channel the look with the Kate Spade "Encore" Rose Silk Oblong Scarf, £106;
Ok, that's quite a lot of scarves, but I have a special penchant for the accessory, and it seemed highly appropriate to also include this Palaces Scarf, part of the Palaces Collection at Hobbs in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces - it showcases all the 6 Palaces that belong to HRP, including Kensington Palace, printed on a delicate silk chiffon fabric, £69.


Buckingham Palace Shop Canadian Maple Leaf Brooch, £85;
If you're looking for an affordable replikate of the diamond and pearl drop earrings the Queen loaned to the Duchess of Cambridge, then look no further than this great pair by Heavenly Necklaces, featuring  detachable freshwater pearls, £41 (pearls only £23);
An alternative to Kate's Kiki McDonough lavender amethyst earrings, as seen in Bhutan, for the price of a takeaway coffee? Yes, please! Aliexpress purple and clear cubic zirconia earrings, $4.04. True, the stone shape is not exactly the same, but for that price, and free shipping, you can't do better!

Historic Royal Palaces Kensington Palace Gates Mug, £12.99;
Sandringham Shoulder Bag, £9.95;
Bombki Little Royal Crown Glass Bauble, £20.83.

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream, reportedly used by Kate, £12.79;
From a beauty brand famously beloved by Kate comes a new limited edition offering, the Bobbi Brown London Palette, $65 - I 💗 (and I bet Kate would, too!).


Budget won't stretch to a real sapphire? (An issue common with replikaters everywhere, I'm sure 😉). Then the next best thing is probably this Historic Royal Palaces Sapphire A5 Notebook, £9.99;
The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, from £3.85 for the paperback edition - Kate herself confided she had been reading it during an engagement in August 2016;

Want to re-create that Norfolk Christmas look for your own home? Sandringham House - Norfolk Cross Stitch Kit by Riverdrift House is just the thing! £12.95, and it even features a couple of pheasants, reminiscent of the Boxing Day shoot the Royal Family traditionally take part in.

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  1. Great gift guide! I ordered the York scarf a week ago. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I plan on asking a local jeweler to make a diamond and pearl replikate of the Queen's earrings. I thought about buying the HN version, but I'd rather have the real thing.

    1. I got the York scarf too, but in a different colourway as the Maple Leaf wouldn't be very versatile with my wardrobe.
      Wow! So you're gonna have a 'real' replikate! I'm sure your earrings will turn out stunning, and that is such a timeless style the investment will pay out. Can't wait to see your pics once you have them done!

  2. Why the York scarf is still calling my name? I thought I was over it already.

    1. Well, if it's calling your name, you'd better answer lol! It's a replikate that won't break the bank, and being cotton, you could get a lot of wear out of it even in your warmer climate!